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121 Creative, a full-service creative advertising agency, opened its door on the Gold Coast in 2010. Within this time we’ve grown considerably. We provide branding, design, digital solutions, SEO, SEM and strategic marketing services to a range of small, medium and large businesses in the health sector, legal industry, government and financial services industries.

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We recently opened the 121 creative doors on the Gold Coast having undergone the ultimate sea change from Sydney. We like to blend the relaxed lifestyle of the Gold Coast with lasting brand management strategies for our clients. Within a short time we’ve grown considerably, and now have a range of clients including major sports facilities, start-ups, licensed venues and legal firms.

Working with clients on cross-media projects, Bespoke Variable Data images and text for DM pieces and web design are all part of our working week. And of course we love how the Gold Coast is such a great place to meet new clients in the relaxed surroundings of a coffee shop near the beach.

Meet the team

David Lynch - 121 Creative Southport

David Lynch

Solutions Manager

  • Best thing about design: Solving client problems leading to success
  • Favourite thing: Summer on the Gold Coast
  • Favourite music: Blues/Alternative
  • Favourite food: Japanese
  • Best holiday: Out on a boat
  • My Desktop image: Robots

Michelle Wilson Lynch - 121 Creative Southport

Michelle Wilson-Lynch

Creative Director

  • Best thing about design: When the client goes ‘Wow!’
  • Favourite thing: Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows
  • Favourite music: Alternative/Blues
  • Favourite food: Seafood
  • Best holiday: Anywhere on the coast
  • My Desktop image: Barrier Reef

Brandan Wills - 121 Creative Southport

Brendan Wills

Graphic Designer

  • Best thing about design: Something is different with every brief
  • Favourite thing: Summer
  • Favourite music: Blues/Rock
  • Favourite food: Japanese
  • Best holiday: Home to NZ for Christmas
  • My Desktop image: Recent bike ride on the beach

Meet the geographically blessed team at 121 Creative Southport. Based on the amazing Gold Coast, the team underwent a recent sea change from Sydney and now thrive in the dynamics of a creatively supercharged studio.


Our Solutions Manager David Lynch, Creative Director Michelle Wilson-Lynch and Graphic Designer Brendan Wills bring magnetic marketing solutions to a diverse range of clients across the board. We also love meeting up with new clients for a coffee while enjoying the beach as a backdrop.


Your leading Marketing Agency

We offer clients a complete range of marketing solutions. Recognised for running energetic outdoor advertising campaigns, our team also developing dynamic logos, and create dynamic brands at the same time as churning out fast turnaround print jobs, packaging and corporate stationery for our broad variety of clients. Services include:

  • Branding
  • Website Design and Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Logos and Flyers
  • Marketing Agency
  • Print Advertising
  • Online Marketing
  • Business Cards
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Packaging
  • Blogs
  • Outdoor Advertising Campaigns
  • Media Buying
  • Mobile Websites and Apps

Branding strategies that work

Our clients recognise us for our lasting brand strategies.  We work closely with our clients from the initial stages right through to the end product, building a strong and memorable brand that embraces the crucial aspects of your business, what you do, and what your target market want from you. It’s about standing out as unique, being identifiable, and making your mark in a competitive environment.


Graphic design

Knockout Graphic Design is invaluable to your business, service or product. Get it right, and you’ve bonded with your target market, providing those first impressions you need.

It’s about making a lasting bond through an emotional visual connection, and engaging with your intended audience. This creates trust and respect, vital ingredients in a fruitful relationship with your valued clients.


Website design and development

Great websites are a glowing beacon that flags the viewer’s interest and sustains their attention. Research has proven that prolonged engagement with your site increases the possibility of turning your viewer into a client by the second- but there’s so much more to it than simply looking great.


Are you ready to see how the Southport team can build your presence through our trusted marketing techniques? We’d love to meet you by the beach for that relaxed chat over coffee- call us to tee it up!

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 50 Ferry Road Southport, QLD 4215
(07) 5526 3028
Area Serviced:

Postcodes: 4215

Suburbs: Australia Fair PO, Chirn Park LPO, Labrador, Labrador LPO, Southport, Southport BC, Southport Park and greater Gold Coast region