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Brand Strategy

Our Marketing Services

Strategy delivers results when it’s one to one

Psychology accounts for a huge part of branding – getting into your customers’ heads to discover their needs, barriers and motivations. At 121 Creative, we’ll tailor a unique strategy that matches what they want, with what you have to offer by pinpointing your USP (unique selling proposition) and ensuring you stand apart from your competitors.

Brand Strategy

Knowing where your brand is headed and understanding the path to get there is critical for all businesses. 121 Creative can work with you to map out a brand strategy for your business.

Client Workshops

Two heads are better than one! Client workshops are a great way to get all of your key stakeholders in one room to help solve a problem. 121 Creative can help you facilitate a workshop for your business, allowing you to get buy-in from key people, collaborate, and work together to develop outcomes for your brand.

Value Proposition Modelling

What value does your brand / product / service add, how do you communicate this to your target market? 121 Creative can work with you to ensure that your brand develops a Unique Selling Proposition that is clearly articulated and that resonates with the market.

Our Strategy Services

Whether you’re looking for help with your marketing communications strategy, or for the full marketing mix, we have the nous to help. Our in-house team can work closely with you to develop a strategy that works for your brand, bringing in marketing specialists – such as data planners and researchers – as required. Low on fluff, our focus is on planning that can be understood, and that works.

Our Strategy Services

B2C Marketing

Getting inside your consumer’s head with a clear message is a key to effective communications. And our creative teams have plenty of experience to help you achieve that – from developing a brand look and feel, to communicating in the appropriate tone of voice right throughout the path to purchase. More about B2C Marketing.

B2B Marketing

Communicating to businesses requires a different approach to consumer marketing. And while that can lead to a different tone of voice or different media, it doesn’t mean the work has to have a humanity bypass. Our creative team understand the balance required, which is why they’re ready to help your business talk business with other businesses. More about B2B Marketing.

Small Business Marketing

Effective marketing is as much about ideas as spend. We’re acutely tuned to the needs of small business and the financial limitations that they’re under. But instead of treating small budgets as a problem, our creative teams treat it as a challenge, inspiring new ways to get the right message, to the right people. More about Small Business Marketing.

Acquisition & Retention Campaigns

New business is all about building relationships. Advertising, social media, websites, flyers and targeted mailers are all effective ways to strike up that initial conversation. And a conversation with 121 Creative about acquisition will put you well on your way to growing your market share. More about Acquisition & Retention Campaigns.

Membership Campaigns

Giving a little extra back to your customers can be an excellent way to gain their respect and loyalty. Members feel a stronger affinity when your brand goes out of its way to make your relationship with them seem special. More about Membership Campaigns.

Brand Communications

The manner and methods by which you communicate with customers have a powerful impact on their opinion of your company. Do you come across as desperate or confident, bland or innovative, pushy or relevant, half-hearted or single-minded? If you need help with your brand’s personality, come sit on our couch… More about Brand Communications.

Corporate Identity

Visual identity goes well beyond stationery, into the look and feel of every aspect of your brand. When we develop a brand identity, we do so for packaging, signage, vehicles, uniforms and store design, as much as for communications materials. And when it comes to maintaining a coherent look and feel, you can’t go past us for design that dazzles. More about Corporate Identity.

Promotional Products

There’s something satisfying about receiving a gift. It makes you feel valued and strengthens your bond to those who gave it to you. That’s why we’ve become experts in sourcing the best promotional products. From the humble pen to a full set of golf clubs, we can help put your brand in the hands of your staff, customers and prospects. More about Promotional Products.


We can all do with a little makeover every now and then, and brands are no different. If your logo’s looking tired or your image needs a ‘lift’, 121 Creative can help revitalise your brand with a refreshing new look. More about Rebranding.