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Just as businesses feel they have a handle on the situation, the web design & digital marketing landscape changes with new technologies that impact consumer behaviour.

Once seen as the new kid on the block, web design and digital marketing is now an essential part of nearly every businesses media mix – and it needs to be targetable and measurable.

Business Audience Awareness

Remember to be seen as real, a business that cares about their customers, responds to their needs and engages them in conversation. Brand loyalty can vanish in seconds if people think you’re faking it.

Let Your Personality Shine

There’s no better way to reach your audience than to talk about what they care about. Consider the tone of voice that needs to be echoed throughout your online communications that says who you are, what you stand for and ultimately conveys your brand personality.

Choose Your Channels

Think about the brand touchpoints that work best for your business and remember there needs to be consistency. From your web design and blogs through to your Twitter feed, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or viral videos – everything needs to fit together. To stay relevant – it’s important to know how effective your online content is. We can help you measure your brand reputation. From digital marketing campaigns to social media initiatives, 121 can help you navigate all things digital.

Planning For Success

One of the great benefits of a national network of design studios is the exposure we have gained to many businesses from many industries. As a result we have an extensive knowledgebase and know what works for small businesses and what works for big business when it comes to a digital solution. The best solutions are developed from working with our clients to develop a clear and concise brief and subsequent project plan. This process lays the foundation for all of our digital clients to ensure the delivery of our digital solutions is as painless as possible.

Web Design

Your website is the single most effective way of connecting with your clients and customers. Research has proven that prolonged engagement with your site increases the possibility of turning your viewer into a client by the second – but there’s so much more to it than simply looking great. More about Website Design.


Keeping your online presence up-to-date is what keeps customers coming back for more. While we can manage the content for you, our CMS (that’s Content Management System) can also be set up for you to update pretty much anything like on your site (or on templated eDMs). Best thing is, it’ll still look as slick as when we first put it together. More about CMS.


Having a good online payment process makes it easier for your customers to come back to your site and recommend it to others. Our tech boffins work hand in glove with our creative team to make sure that not only does the payment system work flawlessly, but it enhances your brand experience too. More about eCommerce.

Mobile Websites

Computers? Pffft. If you want to stay at the head of the pack your customers will want to be able to see your site while they’re at the back of the bus, stuck in a lift, or in the middle of a really dull meeting. And that means having a site optimised for mobiles and tablets. Once again, our boffins and designers are ready to join forces, so your customers can join in wherever there’s a signal. More about Mobile Websites.

Email Newsletters

Sometimes the best way to sell is to not sell at all, but simply inform, engage and gain the trust of your customers. Our design team have amassed plenty of newsletter know-how, and are perfectly-equipped to make yours stand out. While our copywriters have pencils poised ready to research, write and put together a publication to do just that. If you prefer, you can do the writing, then our team can give it a thorough spit and polish before pressing the ‘send’ button. More about Email Newsletters.


Getting (or staying) near the top of a search engine list is a little like sailing a boat. You can’t simply set up once, forget about it and expect to stay on course. The rules – and the competition – are constantly changing. Which is why you need a team with SEO smarts to keep you up front and top of mind. Put us at the top of the list for helping you with that. More about SEO.


Promoting your website through search engines can give an outstanding ROI. Sponsored listings, pay per click, placements and tailored advertising are all part of the SEM mix. Find out how we can put you in all the right places – put 121 at the top of your list today. More about SEM.

Social Media

‘Doing’ social media is one thing. Getting it right for your business can be quite another. It’s not just a matter of maintaining a presence – it needs to be a presence that people will want to share with others for the right reasons. So before you fire off on Facebook or turn out a thousand tweets, do some socialising with us. Chances are, you’ll Like what we have to say. More about Social Media.

Integrated Media

To us, great thinking comes first, where we apply it comes later. And while we believe any piece of communication should be able to stand up on its own, integrating a thought across media also provides a continuity of message that can draw a customer further towards your brand. Nice to know that our team have been integrating ideas for years – from Post It notes to skywriting and everything in between. More about Integrated Media.