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Advertising Strategies

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Advertising strategies have evolved and these days, the audience is more media savvy than ever before.

People are time-poor and they’re not shy about tuning out messages that mean nothing to them. Today, a brand has to be more credible and memorable than ever before.

And here’s a trade secret: advertising is all about discipline. You might want to say ten things, but the audience doesn’t necessarily want to hear about any of them; yet they might – just might – be persuaded to listen to just one. It’s about finding innovative, thoughtful ways to connect with your audience.

Right Approach

It’s important to have the right advertising strategies and approach for your brand. Thinking ‘outside the box’ will bring fresh ideas to your campaign and ensure you maximise both your message and your market.

Planning First

First we help you uncover that single-minded proposition and then work it into a shape that will surprise and delight.

Unique Solutions

Whether it’s print advertising, outdoor campaigns or even media buying and management, here at 121 we believe that every project deserves a unique solution.

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Our Advertising Strategy Services

Print Advertising

What makes an effective ad? The culmination of a good brief (strategy and marketing message), a strong idea, customer relevance, branding and visual impact. So whether you need a press ad, high-visibility outdoor campaign, punchy point-of-sale or a quick run of flyers, 121 can devise a impactful print solution for you. More about Print Advertising.

Radio & Television

It takes years of experience to craft a coherent script, select the right talent and produce a professionally finished and engaging ad – whether for TV, Radio or as a video. Rely on 121 Creative’s expertise and industry know-how spot on for your next radio, TV spot or video. More about Radio & Television.

Outdoor Media

A high-visibility outdoor campaign allows you to make a big impact on your audience in their ‘downtime’ as they wait for a bus, take a walk or generally hang out. From billboards, buses, banners and lightboxes to large-scale messaging and location-specific placements, 121 Creative can provide and manage a powerful outdoor media strategy for you. More about Outdoor Media.

Media Planning & Buying

With fifteen studios located across Australia, we have the national media connections, know-how and buying power to offer you a powerful media package. So whether you’re looking for press, outdoor or online, ads, editorial or advertorial, you’ve come to the right place. More about Media Planning & Buying.


Bor-ing. That’s the reaction readers often have to run-of-the-mill marketing blurb. And if you haven’t used catchy, well-crafted copy, it’s probably how your customers view your brand too. After all, hitting the perfect angle, hook and tone – with the correct use of grammar and punctuation – is a bit of an art. So move your brand from the mundane to the magnificent, with our copywriting service. More about Copywriting.


From a simple pack shot to a multi-faceted campaign, our experienced photographers are ready to capture the right image for your brand. And following the shoot, professional retouchers will be on hand to complete the picture to perfection. More about Photography.