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Website Development & Design

Website development: Your online presence starts here

Your website is the single most effective way of connecting with your clients and customers. That is why robust website development is essential right from the start. Research has proven that prolonged engagement with your site increases the possibility of turning your viewer into a client by the second – but there’s so much more to it than simply looking great.

Use good website development & design to get results

Great websites always attract interest, sustain viewer engagement and tell your story with an entertaining pitch. To make sure yours stands out, the 121 Creative team starts work well before the first pixel is planted. The strategy and wireframe are developed from the briefing and include:

  • SEO approach
  • Browser compatibility
  • Web metrics and analytics
  • User behaviour, navigation and functionality along with the creative approach.

From there, we move to the build – designing, developing, testing and re-testing, so that everything runs exactly as it should and your customers stay online.

Reach more customers

We combine all the aspects of web design and development to ensure a successful site, which means your website generates interest, bonds with your target market, and performs well in generating interest from potential clients. Whether you need an info website or a more complex eCommerce solution, our team can help deliver the results you need.

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