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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing: Tweet your customers well

‘Doing’ social media is one thing. Getting social media marketing right for your business can be something else altogether. It’s not just a matter of maintaining a presence — it needs to be a presence that people will want to share with others for the right reasons.

So before you fire off on Facebook or turn out a thousand tweets, do some socialising with us. Chances are, you’ll Like what we have to say.

From pinpointing the right time to post content and catch your audience during their downtime, to creating actionable content that encourages more interaction and click-throughs. We have all bases covered.

Being on social media (and doing it right) can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business, not to mention improved brand recognition and visibility. But it won’t just happen overnight. Effective social media marketing requires a lot of time and effort, and can quickly become a lot to handle — especially if you’re a small business owner! That’s where 121 comes into the picture…

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