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SEM: Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing: Get promoted

Search engine marketing promotes your website through search engines. SEM can give an outstanding ROI. Sponsored listings, pay per click, placements and tailored advertising are all part of the SEM mix. Find out how we can put you in all the right places – put 121 at the top of your list today.

Remaining competitive in a constantly changing playing field means forever monitoring and remodelling your search engine marketing tactics. But don’t worry, the team at 121 Creative has the digital marketing expertise to take as much stress out of the equation as possible for your brand.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to effective SEM. And if you dive in without a coherent strategy you could wind up stuck in the deep end. We’ll work with you to identify your customers needs and motivations, as well as your company’s position in the marketplace, and piece together a plan that plays to your competitive advantage.

121 Creative has the national media connections, know-how and buying power to offer you a powerful media package. We also have the SEO smarts and copywriting skills to get your web presence ranking up top in organic search results. The Web & Digital marketing team at 121 can work with you to build a comprehensive SEM strategy that covers all bases and drives results.

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