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Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design: The smarts on smartphones

If you want to stay at the head of the pack your customers will want to be able to see your website while they’re at the back of the bus, stuck in a lift, or in the middle of a really dull meeting. And that means having a site optimised for mobiles and tablets. Once again, our boffins and designers are ready to join forces, so your customers can join in wherever there’s a signal. Good mobile design is essential for successful business.

Mobile browsing isn’t a fad you’ll be able to ride out – it’s already the preferred choice for most people and more and more are adopting it each day. Your website really needs to be optimised for viewing on mobile devices because, if you don’t jump on the bandwagon, you’re going to be left behind!

Not only does your mobile site need to respond to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on, it really needs to connect with the on-the-go nature of mobile browsing. The experts at 121 can help you create a mobile-friendly design, as well as condensing all of your desktop website’s content into a smaller, more compelling and concise version that gets to the point quickly so customers can find what they’re looking for and do business with you, while they’re on the go.

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