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Email Newsletter Design

Show off your expertise with top email newsletter design

Sometimes the best way to sell is to not sell at all, but simply inform, engage and gain the trust of your customers. Our graphic design team have amassed plenty of email newsletter design know-how, and are perfectly-equipped to make yours stand out. While our copywriters have pencils poised ready to research, write and put together a publication to do just that. If you prefer, you can do the writing, then our team can give it a thorough spit and polish before pressing the ‘send’ button.

But what good is a great email newsletter design if no one even opens it? With painstaking attention to detail, the team at 121 will fine-tune every aspect of your newsletters – from optimising subject line length, through to personalising content and removing spam trigger words – to ensure that your emails not only make it into the inbox, but are opened and enjoyed thoroughly by readers. 

From analytics to A/B testing, to customer list segmentation, we can show you how to monitor the success of your campaigns, test the effectiveness of specific elements in your emails, and tailor newletters in response to your customers’ preferences to create increasingly personalised marketing messages.

If you send relevant offers and information based on your customers’ buying habits, using your newsletter as a way to further your relationship with the customer, you’ll gradually build a rapport and they won’t be annoyed when you then try to sell them something! Speak to us today about your email newsletter design project.