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CMS Web Design

Be master of your own domain

Keeping your online presence up-to-date is what keeps customers coming back for more. While we can manage the content for you, our CMS (that’s Content Management System) can also be set up for you to update pretty much anything you like on your site (or on templated eDMs). Best thing is, it’ll still look as slick as when we first put it together.

In the olden days (say 1999), to make any change to your business website you’d need to be a coding expert. You would need to know HTML, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL – but all you need now is a great CMS, and you can easily do it all yourself.

With a CMS, you become the admin of your own website. You can edit or add content, change the design, add graphics, optimise search results and manage users without having to get in touch with a webmaster, or pay anyone to access the backend and make updates for you.

CMS Web Design: Everything in one place

A great CMS web design will let you bring together everything, into one place. With social media integration, you can incorporate your Facebook comments into your website and have your Twitter feed embedded and updating live for all visitors to see. What’s more, having control over content means having more control over how your website ranks in search engine results. With a CMS, you can:

  • Customise URLs: making it easier for Google to recognise your site and index its pages.
  • Choose a theme: themes created for your CMS ensure that your site’s code is squeaky clean.
  • Assign keywords: adding SEO keyword tags to each piece of content makes it easier to find than ever.

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