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Membership Campaign

Reciprocate the love with a membership campaign

Giving a little extra back via a membership campaign to your customers can be an excellent way to gain their respect and loyalty. Members feel a stronger affinity when your brand goes out of its way to make your relationship with them seem special.

But not all membership campaigns are the same – and what they actually offer has a huge bearing on a customer’s willingness to sign up. That’s where our creative team comes in. From loyalty discounts and points, right through to altruistic schemes involving your brand (and by default, your customers) with a charity, they’ll come up with ideas that’ll send the love full circle.

Our creative copywriters will work alongside you to put together a compelling story that gets your customers’ attention – so they know exactly why they should sign up. Our team of passionate designers make sure everything looks great and will entice customers to get involved. And once they’ve gotten on board, the story has only just begun!

Maintaining a positive relationship has as much to do with listening, as it does with doing. Paying attention to members and tailoring your messages to speak to their unique interests will help keep them as close as possible. From designing a recruitment membership campaign, through to monitoring results and fine-tuning your subsequent communications to get an even better response, the team at 121 can help you devise a comprehensive strategy for your next membership campaign.