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Branding Communications

Branding: The personality test

The manner and methods by which you communicate with customers have a powerful impact on their opinion of your company. Do you come across as desperate or confident? Perhaps bland or innovative, pushy or relevant, half-hearted or single-minded? If you need help with your brand’s personality, come sit on our couch.

There’s so much more to branding than a logo. The team at 121 Creative will help you work out what really makes your business sing. We’ll then work alongside you to express that unique essence across everything your business does.  We look at your logo, your packaging, your corporate stationery, your website, your mobile website. We do this in a fresh way that will really stick in your customer’s mind.

121 Creative can bring you strategic branding planning with a step-by-step development process. We find the involvement of our clients is integral to every stage and an essential aspect of successful branding design. Our team has a proven track record. We have the experience and expertise to help you bring to life a branding personality that connects with your customers.

Speak to 121 Creative about your branding project today. We have the expertise to ensure your businesses personality shines through.