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B2C Consumer Marketing

Consumer Marketing: We’re all consumers

Getting inside your consumer’s head with a clear message is key to effective communication. And our creative teams have plenty of experience to help you achieve that – from developing a brand look and feel, to communicating in the appropriate tone of voice throughout the path to purchase.

While businesses will often make purchases to meet needs they’ve already identified, consumers will buy things that meet ‘needs’ they’ve dreamt up only after seeing the product in question. And often the decision to buy will take only a few seconds! It’s a much faster, unpredictable path to purchase, and ensuring not only that it’s your product ending up in consumers’ hands, but that they’re returning for repeat business, requires a bit of skill.

The good news is, the team at 121 has the expertise to help you piece together a consumer marketing strategy that does wonders. Advertising and social media, as well as product packaging and in-store displays, all have a big influence on consumers’ decision to buy. Our experienced designers, copywriters and marketers can work alongside you to get your consumer marketing just right, creating marketing materials that send the right message about your brand / product / service to your audience – and in a way that entices them to do business with you!

Get in touch with the team at 121 Creative to see how we can help with your next consumer marketing B2C campaign.