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B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing: Let our people talk to your people

Communicating to businesses requires a different approach to consumer marketing. While that can lead to a different tone of voice or different media, it doesn’t mean the work has to have a humanity bypass. Our creative team understand the balance required to create successful B2B marketing pieces. This is why they’re ready to help your business talk business with other businesses.

At 121 Creative we understand that patience is key. Pursuing a business-to-business relationship, like any relationship, takes time. Time to learn more about who you’re speaking to, who the key decision makers at a company are and what they want to hear.

Companies tend to seek longer relationships than consumers do, so your brand communications need to resonate with several different people throughout various stages of the sales process. Our team of B2B marketing specialists can help you create a B2B marketing campaign that clearly articulates the value of your brand / product / service. A campaign that makes it as easy as possible for all stakeholders to say “yes” when the time comes to make your sales pitch.

Get in touch with the team at 121 Creative to start planning your next B2B marketing campaign.