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Acquisition & Retention Campaigns

Finders keepers: Acquisition Campaigns & Retention

New business is all about building relationships. Advertising, social media, websites, flyers and targeted mailers are all effective ways to strike up that initial conversation. And a conversation with 121 Creative about acquisition campaigns will put you well on your way to growing your market share.

Of course, while you’re busy chasing new business, you also need to pay attention to your most valuable audience – your current one. If these customers have made repeat purchases in the past, chances are they’ll be up for using you again because they know and trust you.

The trick is to make them more ‘sticky’, meaning more likely to stick around, by ensuring you remain relevant and top of mind. eNewsletters, SMS updates, social media, customer satisfaction surveys, loyalty programs and rewards are all effective ways to keep your lines of communication open, stay top of mind and make more sales. But be careful not to overdo it, or they’ll feel bombarded and will switch off completely.

Make sure you always give your customers the choice to opt-out of any or all of your marketing communications, or you’ll risk losing them altogether! Listening to your customers, and splitting your contact list into groups in response to their feedback, ensures that they’ll only be receiving relevant information that speaks to their unique interests. The more personalised your marketing communications, the more valued your customers will feel and the more likely they’ll be to stick around.

Thanks to modern email services and analytics, keeping track of how your customers are interacting with your marketing communications can be a breeze. From customer list segmentation and A/B testing, to creating designs that stand out and copy that engages, the team at 121 Creative can show you how to build an effective customer retention campaign that builds loyalty and delivers outcomes for your brand.