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Exhibition Design & Tradeshow Design

Show-stopping tradeshow & exhibition design

If you’re showcasing your firm’s cutting-edge product or services, you need cutting-edge exhibition design. Our eye-catching signage, modular/custom stands, lightboxes, prints and posters will ensure you stand out from the crowd. And for all the right reasons.

The team at 121 can transform your brand into a larger-than-life event for attendees and staff. Our tradeshow and exhibition design services include banners, posters, counters, creative structures and bold graphics. We’ll even throw social media into the mix — interactive elements that will ensure you create a truly memorable experience that raises brand awareness and attracts new customers.

While designing your suite of tradeshow marketing materials, we’ll never lose sight of your goals. A display created by 121 won’t just attract random attendees with flashy gimmicks. It will draw in potential prospects. With business in mind, we’ll produce a tradeshow display design that supports your goals and purpose, and delivers great results. It’s all about drawing in prospects with a design that grabs attention, while letting them know exactly who you are and what you do. And in a way that really sticks in their minds.

We’ll make full use of your company’s colour palette, design and brand identity to produce stunning displays that turn heads, while strongly communicating not only what your business offers, but what sets it apart from the competition. Speak to the team at 121 Creative today about your trade show and exhibition design needs.