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Packaging Design

Packaging: Always read the label

When it comes to packaging design, we think outside the box (the jar, the bottle, the tin and the funny thing that ties down the action man). Not only must designs visually fall within their product category by harmonising with competitor products. They must jump off the shelf with innovative and eye-catching design.

They say a busy buyer will take only 7 seconds to make a judgement about your product based on its packaging alone. If you’re looking to make a favourable first impression, effective packaging design that draws in consumers will make all the difference. What’s more, once they’ve taken your product home, your packaging will stay with them and reinforce your marketing messages over and over! When they take your product home and have a closer look at its packaging, subtle & innovative design features will take consumers by surprise and remind them that your brand has a personality.

The team at 121 can work with you to design packaging that complements your products as well as your brand’s message and culture, building credibility and setting you apart from the competition, all the while improving your customer’s experience and deepening their relationship with your business. Ready to chat about your packaging design requirements? We can quote on your next packaging project within 24 hours.