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Business Stationery Design

Pushing the envelope with stationery design

Creating a suite of quality business stationery involves more than just placing a logo on a bunch of letterheads, business cards and envelopes.

By using a holistic approach, 121 Creative will make full use of your colour palette, corporate identity and brand personality to create a unique, intriguing and visually balanced suite of stationery that gives your company character.

While people use clothes to send messages about their beliefs, status and values, a business distinguishes itself from competitors through the images it presents to the world. Instead of clothing, corporate identity relies on things like business cards, letterhead and brochures to help customers form a favourable impression about who your business is and who you stand for.

With every interaction, your customers form an impression about your brand. From the weight of the paper you choose to print your business cards on, to the colour of the background on your website homepage and everything in between, a strong brand identity communicates to the world that you are reliable and trustworthy. If you’re looking to send a reassuring message to shareholders, potential investors and staff about your company’s brand and future direction, the team at 121 Creative can help you design a range of business stationery design that sends the right message.