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Annual Report Design

Impress your investors: Annual report design

Your annual report design reveals more than just your company’s financial performance. A professionally designed report sends a reassuring message to shareholders, potential investors and staff about your company’s brand and future direction.

Even if they don’t realise it, every time someone interacts with your company’s printed assets, they form an impression about your brand. From the weight of the paper you print on, to the colours, design and everything in between. A strong corporate identity shows the world that you are reliable and trustworthy, and worth the investment.

A professionally designed annual report that doesn’t just tell your financial story, but tells the whole story of your company and its culture, can go much further than you might think. It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with your partners and showcase the human side of your company. We can work alongside you to create a report that marries visual elements with content to strike a perfect balance that engages and informs readers. An annual report designed by 121 will tell all sides of the story of your past year.

The team of experts at 121 Creative can work with you to ensure that all your insights and opportunities are well presented. Our annual report design ideas and layouts will turn your annual report into a shining example of your company’s achievements.