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Television & Radio Advertising

Perfectly scripted TV & radio advertising

It takes years of experience to craft a coherent script for radio advertising, selecting the right talent and producing a professionally finished and engaging ad. Which makes 121 Creative’s expertise and industry know-how spot on for your next radio, TV spot or video.

Effective marketing is all about telling stories – familiarising people with your business, getting them to relate to and connect with your brand. Of all the marketing mediums available, video, TV and Radio give you some of the best opportunities to place your product within a wider story.

Incorporating your brand values into a story expressed through video, a radio spot or TV ad is a great way to engage your audience, reaffirming feelings of loyalty and reminding your customers why they started doing business with you in the first place.

The team of experts at 121 Creative can help you find the right tone and narrative, drawing from experiences that your audience will have encountered and can relate to, and create a video or radio clip that will elicit a positive response from your customers. If they’re really into what you’re doing, you could even consider capitalising on this success by creating a whole series of videos – based around a single idea or theme – to keep the story going and your audience engaged for even longer!