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Product Photography & Photoshoots

Product photography & campaign photoshoots

From product photography to a multi-faceted campaign, our experienced photographers are ready to capture the right image for your brand through professional photography. And following the shoot, professional retouchers will be on hand to complete the picture to perfection. Our product photography is perfect for online ecommerce shops – we ensure your product is shown at its best.

Yes, it’s true what they say – a picture is worth a thousand words – but, to be honest, it’s only the good ones that count! It’s more important than ever to get the visual aspects of your brand right, as our world becomes increasingly digital and communications more and more visual.

The creative photographers at 121 will create the right image that sends the right message about your team and your brand. Your business is unique and a series of professional photographs will help you to project a consistent image, in a way that a bunch of stock photos never would. And while you’re at it, why not break the mould and take your staff out of their usual working environment – showcase your company culture and have some fun by doing things a bit differently.

Avoid all the clichés  – two people shaking hands to celebrate a deal, a smiling woman wearing a headset or a group shot of your team standing in front of your business sign, to name a few – and let the team at 121 create a series of professional photos that will show off and celebrate your unique business culture.