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Melbourne’s leading Marketing Agency

With a proven track record as one of Melbourne’s best marketing agencies, 121 Creative offers end to end marketing solutions aimed at delivering the very best results for your business.

We offer an exhaustive range marketing mediums to maximise your business’ potential, using a one on one approach that helps to develop a strong and focused understanding of your unique requirements.

Trusted knowledge and experience across the marketing mix

Our people are highly skilled creatives, focused on bringing innovative marketing solutions in line with your branding needs. We value fresh thinking and clever planning and we know that when used well, it can turn a product, service or business around. We’ll make this happen using best practice tools and techniques and it all comes together to give you the right marketing mix that encourages your brand visibility to develop and grow, on a structured plan you can trust. 

A strategy for your success

Effective marketing has to combine a solid understanding of your current business position, your short and long-term goals and a strategic plan that shapes consumer interaction around those goals.  In order to get you exactly where you need to be, we base our services on strategic and creative planning that embraces the most dynamic aspects of marketing, including:

  • Flexible and creative problem solving
  • Perfectly balanced marketing using a multi-channel approach
  • Improvement and growth of your brand visibility

Creative ideas and integrated thinking that gives you results

At 121 Creative, we find the best outcomes are a product of working one on one with our clients, which helps us deliver successful creative solutions. We want to learn all about your business and your customers and we partner with you to work to your agenda.

Our style is about gaining a proper understanding of you and your customers and suggesting what will work. We love to strategise, create and measure, using our talent and creativity to help build your brand. We’re keen to learn more about your branding vision and take your marketing to the next level – why not pull up a chair!