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Build a Strong Branding with Melbourne’s Leading Agency

121 Creative is a team of accomplished brand builders bursting at the seams with ideas to help your business get ahead of the competition. With a full range of services offered at a national level, through a band of trusted and proven designers, we’re committed to bringing innovation, style and visibility – as well as true memorability to Melbourne – your business, service or product.

A strong brand is a must for your business to have in today’s highly competitive environment. Our team adopt a disciplined yet innovative approach to every brand we work for, with client satisfaction our number one priority. Talk to one of our two Melbourne locations – we’d love to hear what makes your brand unique!


Why 121 Creative

Winning the battle of the brands

When it comes to visibility in this current business climate, a carefully considered brand is the sharpest edge of your sword. Our skilled and creative team are experts in finding a way to hone, polish and deliver your brand, making it stand out in an army of competition. Combined with our detailed creative process, this increases the opportunity for your customers to truly connect with your brand, strengthening your brand name and bringing memorability and loyalty into a potent formula.

Branding that makes an impact – now!

We want to make a big impact for each client’s business and we aim to help you achieve that competitive edge through our process of meticulous planning, innovative design, creative execution and attention to detail.

Clients come to us for ideas and we have a team ready to explode with their thoughts and passion backed up by expertise that ensures you:

  • Stand out amongst the competition
  • Form lasting connections with your customers
  • Are a memorable brand and preferred option

A human approach to brand building

At 121 Creative we like to stay close to our clients. It’s not that we’re stalkers, it’s just that knowing you and your customers helps us to deliver highly successful creative solutions. And for that we like to get one to one. If you need help with your brand’s personality, come sit on our couch…