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Logo Design

Logo Design: Your brand in a nutshell

There’s an art to good logo design. The ultimate embodiment of your brand, your logo design must stand above your competitors while still representing your industry. It must be simple, recognisable, memorable, unique and timeless. Do you need a new logo design or perhaps a rebrand?

Maybe time has rendered your logo unfashionable, and it needs a bit of a makeover. Or perhaps your company has evolved over the years. Perhaps your focus has changed and you need a new logo design to communicate your new identity to customers. Whatever your circumstances, your company deserves a great logo. The experts at 121 Creative have the design expertise and experience to help you create a design that is professional and memorable.

A great logo design will make your brand instantly recognisable. It has the power to communicate on many different levels. With an understanding of colour psychology, an eye for aesthetics and a vast knowledge of typography, our team can work with you to boil your complex business message down into one distinctive, easy to understand graphic. Speak to us today about your logo design and branding requirements. We service all areas of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and the far North Coast of Queensland.